The National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus


The National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus serves as a fraternity for the Black Catholic Clergy and Religious to support the spiritual, theological, educational, and ministerial growth of its members.  Our membership is composed of  Black Catholic ordained Clergy (priests and permanent deacons), religious brothers and seminarians.  We stand on the shoulders of our founding fathers that birthed this organization during the civil rights movement in 1968.  We are a fraternity which nurtures and supports our membership.  We provide leadership training and mentoring for our seminarians and deacon candidates and religious brothers in their formation process.  We are committed to taking care of the spiritual needs of our African-American brothers and sisters.  Our celebration is holistic and this is expressed in the joy and spirit of our liturgies and the character of our ministries.  The NBCCC is a vehicle to bring the contributions of the Black Community to fruition within the Catholic Church.



The primary purpose of the NBCCC is to serve God and when we serve him we allow God to speak and act through us.  We serve as the voice of those who are at the bottom of our society.  We struggle with our brothers and sister and our collective hope is the struggle.  We take a fundamental stand against the ills of society that produce the ditches that the poorest people inhabit.  We stand in solidarity with them and serve as a voice crying out in the wilderness for social justice.  We work to transform the minds and consciousness of the weak and powerless and have a special proclivity for our African-American brothers and sisters.  We provide fish when we can and point them to where the fish are when we can’t.  We teach the folks we serve how to fish for themselves.  We reach back in our history from Africa through the Diaspora and we celebrate our giftedness and out identity and our spirit of survival.

We celebrate our liturgies and our lives and we do whatever is necessary to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through our Words, our Sacraments and our Lives.

Last updated: September 2, 2014