How to hire a lawyer?

How_to_hire_a_lawyerLawyers are independent professionals who are free to set their rates. But remember that does not mean abuse: lawyers are subject to mandatory professional rules that force them to moderate their prices.
Unlike doctors, there is no regulated rates for lawyers: prices may vary according to the lawyer’s city ,his seniority in the job, his reputation, the duration of your case, your income and so on.

It is impossible to give an accurate rate for the work of a lawyer. The lawyer sets their fares freely in accordance with his client.
If you agree to pay  $1,000 , nothing stops the lawyer to take your money!
You must agree with the price of your lawyer, do not hesitate to negotiate the price in a competition.

Hourly rate and tariff package

There are two ways to calculate the fees of the lawyer at the time and the package.
If your lawyer charges you by the hour, the bill may be steep: you put a price agreed at the time and the lawyer will charge you every hour spent on your case. Suffice to say that if he waits his turn to plead your case for 4 hours, it may cost you that amount.
Most often, the lawyer charges you a fee. He will ask you, for example $2,000 excluding tax for a dispute to a labor court.
Like all professionals, lawyers will charge their benefits duty then all taxes. Clearly, once the determined rate, you must add a certain percentage for taxes, in addition to the tariff duty of the lawyer. Feel free to clear up this matter with your lawyer before he or she starts working for you.

The lawyer may be paid based on the outcome of the trial

Many lawyers offer you to pay a reasonable fixed fee if they win your case, this way,they may receive a portion of the money you’ll win if they’re successful.
Warning ! An attorney may not charge a fee of results: It is forbidden not to pay client package and only provide compensation if the case is won.

Your lawyer may ask you to pay an  unanticipated fees ,if you have not signed an agreement and you think your lawyer asks you too much money,in this case, the lawyer must send you a detailed invoice for the sums due from work (fees) and other expenses: tax stamps, remuneration of bailiffs and notaries and travel costs.
You can challenge your attorney bills by entering the barrister of the Bar Association by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or delivery against the order receipt.

The barrister will acknowledge your complaint and notify you for that, if he paymentdid not settle the dispute within four months, you can enter the first president of the Court of Appeal within a period of one month.
If the barrister gives you reason, you can then enter the presiding judge of court to give the decision a legal value: once validated by the President of the High Court, you will have a real judgment.
Warning ! If you have signed a fee agreement, the barrister will not reduce the amount.
Exception: if you show that you have been deceived or that the lawyer did not adequately inform you. If you have not signed a fee agreement, you will be easier to get a price revision since it is the lawyer to justify the merits of his bill.